Sunday, 13 June 2010


Green Poems for a Blue Planet is a new book of green poetry
written by Martin Kiszko and illustrated by four time Oscar winner Nick Park (of Wallace & Gromit fame here in the UK). The book is aimed at children aged 8 - 13 years, but having just returned from a listening to Martin reading them out I think it will appeal to a much wider age range!
Martin's poetry really makes you think seriously about green issues and at some points it is also very funny. Nick's illustrations are just lovely and really compliment the poetry, plus they will really appeal to children of all ages. This is a wonderful book for any parent and a fantastic resource for any teacher.
The book is to be published in June/July 2010, by Redcliffe Press Ltd and can be pre ordered via Amazon. To order a copy: CLICK HERE .

Check out their website GREEN POEMS FOR A BLUE PLANET

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