Wednesday, 16 June 2010


'CD SEA' by Bruce Monro
This is the most beautiful use of CD recycling I have ever seen!
If you have unwanted CD's on your shelf gathering dust, then please donate them to Bruce Munro.
For his next project he needs 1 million CDs to make his new installation, 'CD Sea.'
Send unwanted CDs Bruce Munro Ltd, Long Knoll Barns, Corkers Lane, Kllmington, BA12 7HU

Below are some stunning images of another one of Bruce Munro's projects, Light Installation:
'The Field of Light' Eden Project


  1. Wow - gorgeous moonlight CD scene at the top! x Gabs

  2. Wow love the use of the cd's, and he lives not far from me, will have to save up the cd's and pass them on. Fantastic work.

  3. This blog is fabulous Rachel... I love the ingenuity of all the artists you have shown.. the creative mind is a wonderful tool.


  4. Hi! I came across your blog completely by accident but I wanted to say that I love the reused art stuff you're posting! I have a blog called "Bye, Bye Plastic and Other Green Stories" that I recently started and I'd love to link to your blog. I think it's fabulous to make something so beautiful out of stuff that would become trash! Thank you and keep posting!


  5. Hi Lyndsie,
    Sorry, I have only just noticed this comment! Can you email me your blog? I would love to see it.
    Thanks Rachel