Monday, 11 November 2013


By Ellie Laycock

Creating the Vintage Look: 35 ways to upcycle for a stylish home, is a book by Ellie Laycock (Author and owner of Hunted and Stuffed, who I have blogged about before: HERE). This book is very well laid out with some creative tips, not only to use pieces that might otherwise have been thrown away, but also look stunning!

Discover how to upcycle to make unusual and unique homeware with Creating the Vintage Look. Upcycling is about taking something old, vintage, treasured or possibly even broken, and giving it a new lease of life by turning it into something new. It's a thrifty way of decorating and enhancing your home that avoids waste, but is also stylish. Here, Ellie Laycock shows you how you can make truly beautiful objects from things you might otherwise have thrown away. Be inspired by the ingenuity of her projects, including turning old tin trays into chic magnetic noticeboards, using teapots as quirky planters, transforming a vintage fruit crate into a rustic bedside table and converting metal cheese graters into tea light holders. All of the 35 projects have clear instructions and artworks to guide you on how to make them, and are grouped on a room-by-room basis, plus a helpful techniques section will teach you any skills you need to know.

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