Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Dean Williams is an artist & designer based in the UK.  in 2009 he created a 11ft CD Horse from 5000 recycled CD's to raise awareness of a horse charity based in Bristol. This sculpture was featured on the BBC East Midlands and BBC Bristol including the Daily Mirror and several other publications.

Title: High Density 
Artist: Dean Williams 
Description: Reclaimed CD’s over a welded metal frame.

Over 5,000 reclaimed CD’s were used in the making of this magnificent 10’6” horse.
 Dean spent many weeks in a horse field (working in all weathers) to finish it!

Dean has been creating sculptures since 2005 and he uses materials which are relavent for each job he is commisioned, "usually I create a welded frame and then attach either recycled items, found objects or even products to enhance specific products as point of sale pieces. I am also known for creating animations or time lapse artworks on a large scale similar to the program seen on CITV called Art Attack.

Dean Williams

To see Dean William's Blog, click HERE
To see Dean William's You Tube Page, Click HERE


  1. Love the horse, my friend sent me the link on facebook, its stunning.

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