Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Kirsty Elson Designs lives in Cornwall and she thinks she has "the best job in the world". She spends her time combing the beaches for driftwood and other objects, in order to create unique pieces of art.

Driftwood has a wonderful look and feel about it, and no two pieces will ever be the same. 
"I love the fact that it dictates the way I work, through its shape and form. I tend to leave bits in the same state as I found them whenever possible: perhaps with layers of peeling paint or incorporating jutting-out nails into the design. I often find myself wondering about its history: what was it part of? or where did it come from? "

What Kirsty also loves about driftwood is that it is free!
"I am fascinated by the process of turning found objects into something beautiful, and I love the idea that a hundred people will walk past a piece of wood on the beach without giving it a second glance, but that I can use it to create something that is charming and one of a kind".

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