Friday, 13 July 2012


I recently came across Lucy Anne Harding on twitter and was drawn into her story of being a modern day milk maid (three generations in). I then noticed her work and loved her unique style. Apart from being inspired by images on her early morning milk round for artwork, she also uses the same designs to revamp old pieces of china, giving them a new and individual look. Lucy is a recent graduate of Contemporary Crafts BA Hons course, specialising in Ceramics and Textiles. Like she says, she was the only student, whilst studying to awake at 4am each morning! Take a look at a few of her upcycled pieces below.

Lucy Anne Harding says,

"Since I was 9 I have delivered milk in my local area as a part of my father's milk round; I am a modern day milk girl and have become very passionate about the decline of the British milkmen and British trades.

The upcycled ceramics came about when I was discussing with one of my favourite milk customers that I was finding it very hard to create ceramics that could be used functionally, but I didn’t really care about the shape of the object, just as long as it had a surface for me to doodle on.  Strangely the customer was taking a full box of vintage cups and saucers to the charity shop and gave me the box to doodle on and bring a new lease of life too. Upcycling relates well to the British milkman as milkmen are often known as the first recyclers reusing the glass milk bottles.
I also create using digital and screen print, applique and free motion stitch nostalgic textile illustrations based on the customers I meet on my rounds and the doorsteps which I deliver to; these include wall pieces and cup cosies accompanied by illustrated tableware."

To see more of her work, please click HERE.
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