Saturday, 21 January 2012


Plantable Wildflower Heart Paper Bunting

I really love the idea of buying something beautiful but that will also serve a purpose after use. Rather than chucking this heart garland in the bin after use (though can't imagine you would want to!), you can actually plant it in order to grow wild flowers. I think this is a really lovely gift idea. 

Gabrielle Treanor, designer and owner of The Green Gables creates eco-friendly, plantable and colourful paper bunting. Perfect for decorating a wedding venue or your home, this length of paper garland is made from handmade paper embedded with wildflower seeds. The handmade plantable wildflower paper makes this a unique garland decoration that is beautiful and eco-friendly at the same time. The paper is thick and the garland can be used many times over but if you really want to, you can plant the paper and watch wildflowers grow from it!

Gabrielle hand cuts the hearts from handmade plantable wildflower seed paper and you can choose to have the hearts strung on jute string or co-ordinating skinny satin ribbon. You can adjust the spacing by moving the hearts along the string to your desired position. The large hearts each measure 12.5cm at its widest point x 11cm long (approx 5" x 4") and the smaller hearts each measure 9.5cm x 8cm (approx 3.5" x 3"). As they are cut from handmade paper they are a slightly off-white colour with seed flecks. Choose from the regular length of 12 hearts on 2.5m ribbon or string, or the extra long length of 24 hearts on 5m of ribbon or string. Each length of wildflower paper bunting is carefully handmade by Gabrielle in her garden studio.

The Green Gables website

To see The Green Gables website click HERE.

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