Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I love the work of Mary of 'Mary Quite Contrary'. With her scalpel and a pile of papers she creates fantastic cards. I am really impressed with how neatly she uses the scalpel. For the amount of work that goes into each card I think her prices are very good. If you are looking for something different I really recommend her cards. You can buy her cards and artwork from either of her shops by clicking here:


  1. Those are quite beautiful! Never managed to get the hang of a scalpel to be that neat in anything I have ever tried to do!! Lizzie

  2. Hi Rachel, I see you are doing another Christmas fair in Bristol. Last year you kindly invited me to have a stand with you selling my vintage style knitwear. I was just wondering if you have filled all the stalls yet? I am organising the Vintage bazaar in Frome on 30th October & will happily flyer your event for you. Best wishe, Lizzie

  3. Rachel, you are going to think I am quite potty (and I probably am) I have already got something happening the day of your fair, so sadly I wouldn't be able to attend even if you did want a stall of vintage style knitwear. I do hope it goes well, and I am still happy to hand out flyers at the Vintage Bazaar for you! Lizzie